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We at TechBloq believe that learning should be fun, engaging and practical for real-world application.

We understand the importance that technology plays in our everyday lives and how rapidly industries and jobs are adapting and growing due to the creations of new technologies. It is for this reason that we have a particular focus on promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Mathematics) topics, incorporating them where possible in our lessons.

We aspire for students at TechBloq to develop determination and initiative, and that they become confident in applying the skillsets they have learnt with us to create innovative ideas.

We believe learning and enhancement does not have any age boundaries and as such we welcome students, young and old, to come and develop existing skills or to learn new ones.


Your child will be placed in a dedicated circle of like-minded home-schooled students in order to provide them with a socially interactive learning environment. Tech Bloq aims to provide a structural routine to home education by setting regular homework and covering topics in a systematic programme as done in the National Curriculum. This is to ensure that students are up to par with relevant syllabus material.

We also hope to assist the main instigators of home learning development: the parents. We will conduct regular consultations and home-schooling workshops, where parents will be able to: discuss their child’s performance with an experienced home-schooling tutor, be acquainted with the requirements of the curriculum and changes to the curriculum if necessary, be informed with tips and techniques that can be implemented at home to improve schooling efficiency.

Conducted in small groups of no more than 8 students, these sessions aim to help children who need:

1) Homework help – where our tutors will work with students to ensure they understand and complete their school homework confidently and correctly.

2) Extra support – to strengthen students’ understanding of topics covered at school by applying different methods or teaching techniques to engage their interest and boost their confidence.

3) Enhanced learning – our tutors will aid proficient students to further develop and increase their attainment level by providing projects or topics that will challenge their intellect.

For students who require more focussed attention and an individualised study plan to ensure any gaps in knowledge can be covered and their full potential is unlocked. Homework will be provided to encourage independent learning, practice core skills and strengthen topic knowledge.

In these sessions the students will be placed in a specialist environment where they will work with one of our dedicated tutors in a niche class of no more than 3 students. We recommend this mode of learning for SEND students.

To support them according to their independent needs; we aim to provide them with reliable and achievable objectives coupled with a sense of inspiration, such that they are able to admire learning and achieve the results that will allow them to pursue their future aspirations whether that be in a particular career or further education.

These sessions will be conducted in small groups (maximum of 8 students). We aim to make sessions as interactive as possible by use of our unique smart screens and collaborative learning between peers. These types of sessions will also be adaptive to fulfil students needs at different times of the academic year (i.e. mock exams season, preparing for actual exams, subject booster sessions, exam technique classes etc.).

Another objective in these sessions is to build independent learners who are capable of setting their own academic goals and have the self determination to achieve them based on the skill sets they learn at Tech Bloq.

This mode of learning is heavily designed to link subject content to application, whereby students are able to relate education to real life problems.

We aim to use a range of subjects in a single project where not only are aspects of the National Curriculum covered but learning is contextualised. This type of learning will not only prepare students to achieve success in their academic exams but will, we strongly believe, also produce students who are problem solvers as opposed to rote learners.


  • Opening times can vary from those stated here. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit.

  • Monday – Thursday – 8:00AM – 7:00PM

  • Friday – 8:00AM – 1PM; 2:00PM – 6:00PM
  • Saturday – 9:00AM – 4:00PM
  • Sunday – 10:00AM – 4:00PM


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