TechBloq Learning Centre offer a quality service for parents and young people, and recognise the need to set appropriate limits to help manage the behaviour of young people. 

TechBloq enables young people to flourish by developing positive behaviours attitudes and aspirations and is committed to the creation of teaching and learning environments where the learning, social and personal needs of young people are addressed. 

We aim to empower children to achieve in an atmosphere of safety and mutual respect. Everyone is expected to behave in a respectful way, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and to encourage others to do the same. 

Every child has the right to learn but no child has the right to disrupt the learning of others.


The purpose of the policy is to provide a simple, practical code-of-conduct for staff, learners and parent/carers. The policy applies to all students and will encourage students to develop a feeling of self-confidence, self- worth, respect for self and others, ability to negotiate, and a sense of their own and others’ equal value regardless of race, gender, class or disability. This policy is designed to: 

  • Enhance the development of positive relationships between student and tutor/s, as well as parents/carers 
  • Promote a safe, caring, healthy and happy learning environment
  • Help raise students’ self-esteem and achievement through developing the ability to manage their behaviour and an acceptance of responsibility for their own actions, which will also encourage independence as students grow in maturity
  • Promote positive behaviour and self-discipline
  • Ensure fairness and transparency 
  • Promote early intervention 
  • Enhance teaching and learning

As a student you can expect:

  • To be welcomed at every tuition session
  • A well-ordered environment where all are fully aware of behavioural expectations 
  • Respect from the tutors, who will listen and offer support and treat all students are individuals respecting rights and values
  • Provision of equal opportunities in all aspects, recognising the importance of different cultures
  • A safe place to learn – rejecting all bullying or harassment in any form
  • Encouragement, praise and positively reinforcing good relationships, behaviours and work

As staff we expect students will

  • Arrive on time and be ready to learn 
  • Respect the tutor/s and property 
  • Attempt to achieve the best you can 
  • Listen to the staff & behave accordingly 
  • Take responsibility for their own learning
  • Are motivated to complete tasks

Attitude and behaviour:

  • Engage in all activities with enthusiasm
  • Use understanding of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Resolve problems using negotiation, discussion and compromise
  • Can accept responsibility for their actions and move on

Praise and encouragement are used as much as possible. A system of rewards is in place to celebrate students’ display of good effort and achievement


TechBloq Learning Centre operates a traffic light system of recording and managing poor behaviour in students

Yellow (low level)

  • Have established effective relationships with staff most of the time
  • Can resolve problems through negotiation, discussion and compromise
  • Accept responsibility for actions and move on
  • Task refusal
  • Rudeness
  • Swearing (mild)
  • Low-level disruption
  • Rough play
  • Teasing

Orange (medium level)

  • Rarely accept the authority of adults in the centre
  • Are involved in frequent high-level disruption and a lot of low-level
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Deals with problems with confrontation or aggression
  • Can discuss their behaviour (may be confrontational or aggressive)
  • Does not accept responsibility for their behaviour

Red (high-level)

  • Cannot accept authority of adults in the centre
  • Involved in frequent high-level disruption
  • Leaving the premises
  • Persistent bullying
  • Use of a weapon
  • Racist behaviour and/or comments
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Harming an adult
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour


Verbal warnings will be given. Should the behaviour continue, the following procedures will be applied:


Seek resolution via a verbal or written apology and additional time to complete missed tasks


Attempt to initiate a resolution in the class and/or remove the student from others to speak to in private, with the possibility of assistance from an additional member of staff.

Seek a verbal or written apology or undertake a task connected to behaviour, e.g. tidying an untidy area in the centre. Parents are informed


Senior Management Team to be involved at the earliest opportunity. Parents to be notified. Consideration of exclusion at the centre manager’s discretion


Exclusion will be considered appropriate where the Health and Safety of staff and/or pupils is seriously compromised. The Centre Manager will decide whether to exclude a student, for a fixed term or permanently, considering all the circumstances, the evidence available and the need to balance the interests of the pupil against those of the TechBloq community. (Ensuring Good Behaviour in Schools, April 2011)


Parents will be kept informed about their child’s behaviour. If it appears that this has to be monitored on a regular basis, copy of the daily report can be shared with the parents. This gives the parents a very clear view of the support given for their child.


In relevant emergency situations it may be necessary for staff to apply ‘Positive handling’ strategies.

‘All school staff have the power to use reasonable force to prevent pupils from committing an offence, injuring themselves or others, or damaging property, in order to maintain good order and discipline in the classroom.’ (Department for Education: Use of Reasonable Force. July 2011)