Home Educator since 2001
Home Educator since 2001Qualified Teacher Status (2016/17)
Tech Bloq Learning Centre was conceived by Wajid Riaz to create a unique learning environment that would accommodate practical as well as academic learning experiences.

Wajid has over 10 years of experience in educational settings, starting as a lecturer at South Bank University (2012-2016). He worked at Sarah Bonnell School as the Curriculum Leader of Design and Technology (2018-2022). He boosted the quality of Design Technology lessons at Sarah Bonnell, which resulted in hugely improved GCSE results (2019) and a greater uptake of students for this subject as a GCSE option.

Additionally, Wajid has experience teaching primary aged students and has lectured university degree courses. Furthermore, he has over 20 years of experience in home education. This makes him well equipped to address the relevant queries that may arise from families considering home schooling.

At Tech Bloq, Wajid tutors Maths, English and Design Technology. He also overlooks the various types of sessions offered at the centre and monitors the standard of teaching for every class. This should assure parents that the quality of service that they will receive with us will be relatively superior to other tuition centres, where the common practice is to merely train students to sit exams.

Due to his experience as a school subject leader, Wajid is also committed to training Tech Bloq staff so that teaching techniques and skills are enhanced. Supporting staff in their professional development is part of the ethos of TechBloq since we believe that it is important to challenge and advance ourselves and others where possible. Learning and skill enhancement do not have any age boundaries.

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