TechBloq, what can I say. There are two words that sum up the heavenly place that first comes to mind and that is passionate and caring. When you enter this tuition centre it’s like you have gone into a different world where teachers no longer care about their pay or how many hours they do, all they care about is the student’s wellbeing and education. I am very thankful and lucky to have found TechBloq and I guarantee that you will too after having a few sessions with these lovely people.

Adam A., GCSE Home Ed Student

The children have enjoyed being constantly challenged and are motivated by their tutor through interactive learning in an environment that doesn’t feel stressful. They look forward to attending their classes every week with great zeal.

Their tutor is very friendly and approachable, and explains concepts in a simple manner that makes learning fun.

The children have become a lot more independent when working at home, and the home education support classes have provided a lot more structure to our studies which was previously lacking.

Umm Yusuf, Home Educating Parent

TechBloq has opened up many opportunities for people to learn and gain further guidance on their education in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment – I myself being one of those fortunate students. The tutors there are unlike your typical school teachers in that their unique yet effective methods of educating have had such a positive impact on my academic studies. I highly recommend this place not only for its tutoring but also the sense of community this place gives out, which (spoken from someone who doesn’t usually take an interest in extra learning) encourages others to want to attend.

T., Year 10 Student


“Thanks, she has improved a lot with your help this year.”

  • ENGLISH – Progress: Outstanding in all areas; Effort: A

  • MATHS – Progress: Outstanding in all areas; Effort: A

  • SCIENCE – Progress: Outstanding in all areas; Effort: A

  • Results are from the student’s most recent school report